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A Guide to Industry 4.0 Predictive Maintenance

Illustration: © IoT For All Predictive maintenance is a method of preventing the failure of expensive manufacturing equipment, by analyzing data throughout production to pinpoint unusual behavior ahead of time, to ensure appropriate measures can be taken to avoid extended periods of production downtime. Before the widespread adoption of IoT …

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Why the Retail Industry Needs IoT More Than Ever

Illustration: © IoT For All While essential businesses have been fortunate enough to continue operating, the coronavirus pandemic has put extra strain on top of an already struggling retail industry. Even before the virus, the emergence of online shopping threatened the livelihood of business owners. Combined with the pandemic-level impact …

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AI-Driven Video Analytics for the Retail Industry

Illustration: © IoT For All Artificial intelligence (AI) is directly correlated with Data Science, which is aimed at extracting business value from an array of information. This value can consist of expanding the capabilities of forecasting, knowledge of regularities, informed decision-making, cost reduction, etc. In other words, artificial intelligence operates …

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How IoT Changes the E-Commerce Industry

Illustration: © IoT For All Online commerce is now the primary way of selling and buying products. In the middle of social distancing, the number of online shoppers is growing. Many companies are forced to look for new ways of achieving their strategic goals. What Does the Future Hold for …

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Effects of AR and VR on the Automobile Industry

Advancements in technology have always resulted in improvements that have made life better. Technology making life better continues in the pharmaceutical industry, the mining industry, the healthcare industry, and even the automotive industry for that matter. Making life better for everyone is the purpose of implementing technological advancement in the …

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