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The emergence of the professional AI risk manager

When the 1970s and 1980s were colored by banking crises, regulators from around the world banded together to set international standards on how to manage financial risk. Those standards, now known as the Basel standards, define a common framework and taxonomy on how risk should be measured and managed. This …

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History of Facial Recognition Technology and its Bright Future

Earlier facial recognition technology was considered as an idea of science fiction. But in the past decade, facial recognition technology has not only become real — but it’s widespread. Today, people can easily read articles and news stories about facial recognition everywhere. Here is the history of facial recognition technology …

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What Happens When a Tech Startup Fails?

Even universally acclaimed startups with strong leadership and great ideas can go under, if there isn’t enough demand or if the landscape changes. We’ve heard of hundreds of young tech companies, from the first dotcom legends to groundbreaking, disruptive startups of the modern era, utterly failing. But with up to …

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